Self-Care Education Kiosk

First Aid & Wound Care – On Demand – In Your Pharmacy

As a joint strategic partnership between iMD Health and Trust Robin, our interactive kiosk options present on-demand, self-care education to your customers. Intended for patients and customers in most medical settings, our kiosks can be deployed in clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, LTC, and pharmacies.

  • An in-store clinic kiosk with required products on the shelf.
  • Self-care, wellness format - Less Than One Minute Video Solutions.
  • Patient education and health improvement by touch screen.
  • Public health and lifestyle advice.
  • Self-diagnosis tools.
  • Advice and information about diseases.
  • Advice and information about medicines for minor and chronic conditions.

Within digital operations, user data can be aggregated, delivering more meaningful insight on individual shopper/patient behavior.

The shift to decentralized automation from centralized hospital pharmacies is driving the market, according to Pharmacy Times, as self-service becomes more of a demand and organizations look to technology for efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

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